The Provincial Assembly 2014

The Stella Maris Province  of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is, this week,  in the midst of its Provincial Assembly. The Provincial Assembly is held annually, usually in the fall.   Missionary Sisters and their lay collaborators travel from all points of the Stella Maris Province to meet, pray, and discern the province direction for the coming years.   The Assembly opens with prayer and liturgy.  Delegates and observers participate in this ‘day of retreat’ putting themselves in the heart of Christ, asking to be guided by the Holy Spirit, always mindful of the great responsibility they have in sharing the charism of St. Frances Cabrini.  At the Assembly, the Missionary Sisters and their lay collaborators renew their commitment to carry on the charism of St. Frances Cabrini, ‘to be bearers of the love of Christ in the world.’

At the conclusion of an Assembly, a Theological Reflection is composed. “Theological Reflection” (TR) means bringing a faith perspective to the realities that the MSCs and their lay collaborators experience as they work for social justice. The purpose of the TR is to serve as a point of reference.  Those in the Cabrinian Community who were not in attendance at the Assembly can use the TR to glean the hopes and aspirations of the Assembly participants.  All in the Cabrinian Community are called to participate in these aspirations through prayer and action.   Please pray for all of those gathered at the Assembly.


The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (MSC) is an international congregation  present on six continents and in sixteen countries.  The congregation is divided into four provinces and two regions.  According to canon law, the number of sisters living in a particular geographic location determines whether that entity is a province or a region.  Sisters in the United States, Swaziland, and Australia,  make up the Stella Maris Province.  The three other MSC Provinces are: Brazil, Italy, and Western Europe.  The Italian Province includes two missions far from Europe, one in Wolayta Soddo, Ethiopia and the other in  Altaiski–Krai, Russia.  The two regions of the MSC congregation are the Argentine region, which includes missions in Argentina and Paraguay, and the Central America region which includes missions in Guatemala and Nicaragua.


Submitted by:  A. Schwelm, Assistant Library Director

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