Reflecting on an Education of the Heart: Anne Schwelm

When asked to describe what the phrase “Education of the Heart” means to her, Anne Schwelm, Assistant Director of the Holy Spirit Library, said: “At Cabrini College we are not afraid to get our hands dirty. We seek to pitch in. We do whatever it takes to help others in large and small, sometimes invisible ways: from giving people rides to the local train station when the shuttle is not running, to making room for students to have quiet spaces to study, to walking people across campus to find their destinations to going to great lengths to return lost items. We are also encouraged to do whatever it takes to help ourselves grow, to pursue new avenues for growth in large and small, sometimes invisible ways. Our College is a place where students as well as staff grow intellectually.  Many staff have earned degrees, both undergraduate and Masters’ level and report how really welcomed into the varied classrooms they are. Joining students in the pursuit of life-long learning is one of the ways we build community. Learning with colleagues and students alike shines light on the skills and talents we have in common—fostering a deeper sense of community.  An Education of the Heart at Cabrini means: All hands on deck; all hearts on fire.”

Submitted by Lisa A. Ratmansky, Director, Center for Teaching & Learning

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