Justice Matters: Greetings From ECG 200, Democracy and Diversity

Following are letters written in spring 2013, by  students in Dr. Schwarze’s Democracy and Diversity Class.   The letters  are intended for students who will take the course in future semesters.

Dear Democracy & Diversity Class,

This ECG 200 course is one that gets you out of your comfort zone. This class wants you to express yourself and what you believe. I really enjoyed this class because it was interactive and got me to talk to people I probably wouldn’t say a single word to in another class. This class helped me understand the good and bad that has come with democracy and diversity. I believe that you will enjoy engaging in this class and becoming part of a line of students to help understand the Mt. Pleasant area better than just some community near Cabrini.

Dear ECG 200 Class,

Are you ready for a hands-on course? If so, continue reading. [Dr.] Schwarze takes you on a journey of race and how it ties into our society today. Here comes the hands-on part. You will be partnering with folks from Mt. Pleasant. Take it seriously. Their stories really do touch home. Get ready to see and hear what you may have never known before entering into this class. It’s a good starter course as far as coming together with different people other than Cabrini! Good luck and most of all, listen, interpret, and advocate.


Submitted by:  Dr. Sharon Schwarze, Professor

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