Justice Matters: Democracy and Diversity

Dr. Sharon Schwarze leads a the ECG 200 course called,  Democracy and Diversity.  One of the Engagements with the Common Good courses,  this course introduces the concept of instituting change through business. The course addresses the problems that countries, and in particular democracies, have in making one country out of diverse social, ethnic, cultural, economic, and religious groups.  Students are asked to consider how the various communities within a democracy come together and what makes a group of people a community.   Students are invited to consider that they are a member of several communities, at least one of which is Cabrini College.  

The syllabus reads, “Communities shape us and we shape our communities. Some communities are well organized and some are very loosely organized. Our personal identities are largely shaped by the communities we are part of from birth and by the ones we choose to belong to.  Our task this semester is to look at the general problem-of democracy and diversity but then also to look at some specific cases in our local communities.  We will also spend some time learning about immigration and the current controversies raging about it in the United States. Immigration increases diversity among us and puts pressure on our democracy -and other democracies around the world. Neighboring Norristown is a kind of microcosm of this general problem. We will consider some of the issues that Norristown faces and talk about ways to make immigration work better for everyone. Last year we met the Norristown girls soccer team Las Felinas, all of whom are Latinas, and we will try to work together with them this year. We may even challenge them to a game!”    

Dr. Schwarze’s course proves that ECG courses can be fun!


Submitted by:  A. Schwelm, Assistant Library Director

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