Cabrinian Philosophy of Education V

Rose Basile Green’s study of St. Frances Cabrini’s philosophy of education continues with a discussion of St. Frances Cabrini as representative of general  Catholic principles in education. Green notes that though Mother Cabrini never wrote a textbook on educational theory, her pedagogy became evident in her accomplishments and was related through her volumes of letters.  In her letters Mother Cabrini reveals her pedagogy of the heart. Mother Cabrini believed that “the educated person [is] a whole being in whom the educator has developed all potentialities-spiritual, moral, intellectural, aesthetic, physical, economic, political, and social. ”  In a letter of 1904, Mother Cabrini wrote, “May your school be not only a school of literature, science, mathematics, and hisory, but also of virtue, solid Christian morality; and you will have rendered a great service, not only to religion, but also to your country.” Mother Cabrini held that teachers should be dedicated, have mastery of their subject matter, exhibit control, and have open lines of communication for students.  Mother Cabrini believed that teachers have a responsiblity to show an interest in their students which in turn would generate the sparks that would  bring the students to their full potential.   Green formulates the Cabrinian method of  teaching as:  Teacher’s Zeal > Pupil Interest > Adjustability > Flexibility.  The section of Green’s work is contained here:  Cabrinian Philosophy of education St. Frances Cabrini Representative of Catholic principles

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