Cabrininian Philosophy of Education III

Rose Basile Green’s study of St. Frances Cabrini’s philosophy of education continues with an examination of religion as an academic principle.  Green cites the Commission on Religion in Higher Education of the Association of American Colleges which distinguished between the study of religion as a scholarly discipline and religious studies which are intended to “expound the specific confessional commitment held by an institution. ”  The Commission is concerned with the study of religion as part of an individual’s liberal education. “Because man’s religious values have affected the entire range of his thought and action, the study of religion must draw upon the methodologies and insights of disciplines such as archaeology and history, the arts, psychology and psychiatry, anthropology, sociology and philosophy.”   The Commision holds that an adequate curriculum for the study of the liberal arts should include courses in religion.  The section of Green’s work is included here  Cabrinian Philosophy of Education Rose B. Green Chapters Religion as an academic principle.  

Submitted by: A. Schwelm, Assistant Library Director

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