The Justice Matters Curriculum: Built on a Firm Foundation

Our present curriculum, Justice Matters, has as its foundation, fifty years of integrating  intellectual competence with moral and social responsibility.   As Mother Ursula Infante recounts in her written history of the college, “In naming the college “Cabrini”, we present a concrete model of an educator in word and deed, an educator whose life story serves as a potent inspiration to educators who are to translate ideals into action. Mother Cabrini possessed the intellectual, moral and spiritual qualifications requisite in an educator.  Her letters to the student-teachers being trained in her college in Rome contain innumerable, simple, concrete and clear principles. At the basis of her educational activity lay her clearly defined concept of human nature which made her see in each child committed to her care a creature of God. She was imbued with the principle that education depends primarily upon the nature of the one to be educated. She knew that an educator should develop harmoniously, according to their essential hierarchy, all the powers of man – spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and social – so that man might accomplish  his life’s work on this earth and attain union with God in the next.”  Copyright 1967, The History of Cabrini College: First Ten Years 1957-1967. Sr. Ursula Infante, MSC.    

Submitted by:  A. Schwelm, Assistant Library Director

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