The Roots of Justice Matters: Cabrini’s Social Action Program

“Social Program IS Action” reads the headline in the December 1, 1970 issue of Loquitur.  The article discusses the Social Action Program (S.A.P.) a student led initiative that tutored children from the Mt. Pleasant community.   Three days a week, children from Mt. Pleasant were transported to campus and Cabrini students worked with them from 3:45-5pm.    The article notes that the main objective of the program was to “provide the children with an opportunity to receive assistance with their school work and to channel their creative talents through arts and crafts.”  That social action continues today with our Justice Matters curriculum.  In her ECG200 course, “Democracy and Diversity” Dr. Sharon Schwarze asks her students to consider the general problem of democracy and diversity and to look at some specific cases within our local communities.   The syllabus reads, “Mt. Pleasant has a long and proud history as a community.  We are going to learn more about the history of Mt. Pleasant and what can be done to preserve its character.” The course requires students to produce a project that helps to arouse public awareness of the nature of community in Mt. Pleasant and current threats to that community.  At the 2010 undergraduate research symposium, Dr. Schwarze’s students created a poster that shed light on the issue of safety.  Our students saw the challenges that children in the Mt. Pleasant community face going to and from the school bus.  Their intention was to learn more about the agencies and officials that might help them to remedy the situation.  

Submitted by:  A. Schwelm, Assistant Library Director


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