Justice Matters: Watershed Citizenship

Drs. David Dunbar, Melissa Terlecki, and Susan Gill lead a science oriented ECG 200 course called,  Watershed Citizenship.  One of the Engagements with the Common Good courses,  this course involves community‐based research that brings together biological and psychological perspectives on current environmental issues, namely those involving local and global watersheds.  Students engage in a variety of interactive, interdisciplinary and scientific activities, including interviewing community members and reporting qualitative data. Along with the Stroud Water Research Center (SWRC), students sponsor and attend a Speaker Series, highlighting invited members from various constituencies within the community. The course provides valuable exposure and experience to communitybased, interdisciplinary undergraduate research opportunities by working alongside the Valley Creek Restoration Partnership (VCRP), the SWRC, and the local Valley Creek Watershed residents. Projects and materials presented from both a life and social science perspective help students integrate various perspectives of the watershed impact. Students work with the Valley Creek Restoration Partnership in creating environmental educational packets and are involved in Crabby Creek Earth Day events.     Of the course, Dr. David Dunbar said, ” By integrating these students into a community of citizen scientists, we expect to engender a sustainable interest in local and global environmental issues, specifically those related to water. We will also stress the complex nature that the solution of environmental issues demands.” 

Submitted by:  A. Schwelm, Assistant Library Director

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