Cabrinian Philosophy of Education IX

 Rose Basile Green’s study of St. Frances Cabrini’s philosophy of education concludes with the concept of religion as a unifying principle for a Cabrinian education.  Green notes that with the academic discipline of religion as a unifying principle, the Cabrini student develops as an educated person, a conscience, which applies intelligence to feeling prior to making a judgement.    Green ends with a  summary of the four objectives of a Cabrinian education:       (1) spiritual commitment, inclusive of a vocational professional attitude, (2) academic excellence, whose projection considers the nature of the student,  (3) social adjustment, with activation between teacher and student through academic disciplines, and  (4) flexible involvement, resulting in a successful achievement as the unified end of the educated person in a humanistic society.   Green’s concluding statement is made to the educators transmitting the concept of a Cabrinian education.  “In the words of St. Cabrini, this must not remain a protestation without meaning; we must really live like people of a holy nation that no longer belongs to the world.”

Submitted by: A. Schwelm, Assistant Library Director                                                              

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