Mother Cabrini’s Love: She Had a Heart for All

Entitled, “Our Mother’s Heart” Sr. M. Pia Young, MSC, recounts her memories of Mother Frances Cabrini. Writing at Manresa, West Park, New York, shortly after the death of Mother Cabrini, Sr. Pia’s humility is apparent. “May our loving Mother bless this task of obedience, and although not worthwhile reading, still I trust it may help to give testimony of the love and charity of our Most Beloved Foundress.”

Sr. Pia writes, “I have witnessed the tenderness and sympathy of our Beloved Mother, in the few years I have known her. She had a heart for all. Her heart had no height, width or profundity. In a word, she had the ever compassionate heart of a Mother, which feels and sees everything just as it is. If she saw some one in pain or trouble, her motherly heart was always sure to find some soothing word to console the suffering one. Her sympathetic heart seemed to be set mostly on the poorer classes of men, especially for the poor unfortunate people of her own country.

Sr. Pia continues, “This spiritual Mother of ours had other ideas in her noble mind before leaving her Native Land, but her motherly heart drew he,r as if it were, to a more noble work which was to labor among the poor ones of Christ. Many a wandering sheep found shelter in her immense fold, both in religion and otherwise.
She was selected by the Almighty to be a true Mother to many that have probably never known that sweet name.”

Sr. Pia Young’s letter is part of the collection in the Cabriniana Room in Holy Spirit Library at Cabrini College.
Submitted by: A. Schwelm, Assistant Library Director

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