Sr. Ursula Infante’s Recollection of Mother Cabrini

In a letter dated April 19, 1918,  a young, Sr. Ursula Infante, MSC, expressed her sentiments of Mother Cabrini.   Written when Sister Ursula was 21 years old,  the letter illustrates the love of a young woman for her spiritual mother. Parts of the letter are excerpted here. 

“How should I begin to enumerate the great and wonderful deeds she has wrought?  For how can words portray the deepest sentiments of filial love and gratitude which a child feels for its mother and such a holy and virtuous Mother as Rev. Mother Cabrini was?  Oh no words, no matter how beautiful and expressive can ever bring into light, the beauty and holiness of Mother Cabrini’s life. Hers was a life lived for God alone.  His greater honor and glory was the aim and object of all her enterprises.  To make the Sacred Heart of Jesus known and loved was her sole ambition, and she looked for no further reward from her laborious work than to see souls drawn to this Fount of Love and Mercy, thereby gaining the Kingdom of Heaven. ”        

Sr. Ursula addresses Mother Cabrini directly,

“Dearest and best of spiritual Mothers, I can do nothing worthy of the honor and praise you deserve.  But our beloved Institute, the work of your own hands, the fruit of so much labor of so many long and wearisome journeys, of so many untold sufferings is the Eternal monument you erected foryourself while still in life; for how happy and blissful you have rendered the souls that left all to place themselves under your maternal care and guidance, and how wisely and securely you are leading them by your holy Rules and Observations to climb the steep heights of perfection. ”

Sr. Ursula praises her spiritual Mother, Frances Cabrini,

“Venerated and dearest Mother, you shall live immortal in the memory of your daughters.  You will be proclaimed blessed and holy by all those who have known you and your great works, and by all those who receive aid and comfort from the organizations of charity and education which you have established.  Although you labored solely to extend the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on earth, He has now glorified you in Heaven, and I hope and pray, but feel sure, that He will soon make the name of my beloved Mother, the name of Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini resound blessed and venerable on earth.”

Sr. Ursula concludes with a thanksgiving,

“How happy and privileged I am to belong to such a Mother, and may God be forever thanked and praised for calling me to serve Him in the Institute which she has founded.” 

Submitted by:  A. Schwelm, Assistant Library Director

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