Senior to Senior Mission Program at Cabrini High, New Orleans


Students from Cabrini High School recently reached out to St. Mary’s Academy senior Jasmin Bindom. Bindom suffers from a severe case of Stevens-Johnson syndrome, in which the immune system attacks her body’s outer layer of skin. At one point over the summer, Bindom’s entire body looked like [ it was covered with] third degree burns. Cabrini seniors Jasmine Evans, Meisha Landry, Erica Reed, Shanne Vignuad, and junior Jade Bush heard of Bindom’s condition and relying on the Cabrinian core values of respect, excellence, and service, the girl prompted into action for “their sister in Christ,” according to Evans.

The Cabrini High School seniors organized a mission that they called “Senior to Senior.” “Although she is not our Cabrini High sister, she still our sister in Christ and a member of the Class of 2012,” said Evans. Bush, a close friend of Bindom, approached the seniors and offered her support to the project. The students organized a three-day bake sale, for which many members of the Cabrini senior class baked and donated cookies, brownies, cupcakes, king cake, and more. The bake sales brought in more than $684, and with donations from parents and faculty members, the students raised $700 for Bindom. The five Cabrini students attended the monthly Mass at St. Mary’s Academy in early February. Fr. Tony Ricard, pastor of Our Lady Star of the Sea, spoke of the necessity of faith, and that with faith, all things are possible. After communion, the Cabrini students formally made the check presentation to Bindom and her family. Although the Cabrini community came together to raise more that $700 for Bindom, Reed humbly said, “but $700 alone cannot cure you.” Patricia Bindom, Jasmin’s mother, could not put into words her gratitude and appreciation; Patricia is battling breast cancer and put off her own reconstructive surgery to focus on Jasmin and her condition.

Jasmin Bindom, (3rd. l.) receives a check from Cabrini High seniors from left: Erica Reid, Jasmine Evans, Shanne Vignaud, Misha Landry and Jade Bush. The monies raised from the bake sale will help with Jasmin’s medical expenses.

by Caitlin Donoghue from the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Weekly Update Feb.  16, 2012

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