Cabrini College Faculty in New Orleans

To deepen their appreciation of the Cabrinian mission,  eleven faculty members spent several days in New Orleans.  Sr. Regina Peterson, MSC, a former Cabrini college faculty member was their guide and co-worker for the experience.  A highlight of the trip was a day spent at Cabrini High School. “My favorite part of the trip was going to Cabrini High School.  When we [visited] the school, we saw Mother Cabrini everywhere. It was a microcosm of what it is we are doing [at Cabrini College] and how we are taking the mission of the Missionary Sisters and integrating it.  Said Beverly Bryde, Associate Professor of Education.   Faculty and administrators from Cabrini High School and Cabrini College developed plans for further collaboration around the Cabrini mission. The group participated in a day of service in St. Bernard Parish one of the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  Sr. Regina led a tour to the site where the levees broke and the group saw the resulting impact on homes in area. “We drove through [the area] where the destruction happened and it was really sad because some  houses were rebuilt, but [in other places] you really just saw driveways said, Mary Harris, Associate Professor of Economics and Finance.

From left: Dr. Laura Groves, Dr. Mary Harris, Dr. Beverly Bryde and Sr. Regina Peterson clean up the paint brushes and tools after a day's work in St. Bernard Parish.

The trip to New Orleans was part of the three-phase mission academy, that included twenty one faculty members. The first phase of the mission academy was a four-day retreat when faculty explored Catholic Social Teaching and the Cabrini mission. The immersion trips were the second phase. The faculty had the option of engaging in an immersion trip to Camden, N.J., to New Orleans, or to a mission in Guatemala. The final  phase of the two-year process will occur in May 2012 when the faculty will reflect on how to integrate Catholic Social Teaching throughout the curriculum.

From the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Weekly Update January 26, 2012

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