2011 Feast Day Celebrations

The Cabrini High School community in New Orleans gathered on campus for the celebration of Mother Cabrini’s Feast Day.  Faculty, staff, students, and administration were joined by alumnae and special guests.

The liturgy was celebrated by Fr. Joe Krafft, the Director of Pastoral Formation at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans.  Fr. Krafft shared his special connection to Mother Cabrini during his homily. He related that as he went to seminary, he prayed for a chalice to be given to him, as he did not want to put a heavy financial burden on his family.   Fr. Krafft was offered a chalice by former Archbishop Francis Schulte however, Fr. Krafft turned it down several times. It was only after much prayer that he received the chalice, and upon inspection, the chalice was consecrated by Pope Leo XIII who sent St. Frances Xavier Cabrini “not to the East, but to the West.”   Students in Mrs. Jennifer Cabrera, Mrs. Vivian Coutin, and Mrs. Alex Fuertes’ Spanish classes sang a hymn to Mother Cabrini in Spanish following Holy Communion. This hymn tells the life story of Mother Cabrini in Spanish.  Following Mass, new members of the community were presented with a Mother Cabrini pin, and all those present received a Mother Cabrini holy card. Students were also given the opportunity to view and revere a first class relic of Mother Cabrini.

~ submitted by Caitlin Donoghue for the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Weekly Update 11.23.11

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