Message from the Superior General for the Feast of St. Frances Cabrini

November  13, 2011

Dear Sisters, CLMs and Cabrini Collaborators,

Greetings and blessings from Baguio City in the Philippines where we MSCs, Cabrini Mission Corps Missioner and young women at Casa Cabrini, along with our lay
collaborators are preparing for the feast of our foundress, St. Frances Xavier
Cabrini.  Saturday, Bishop Carlito J. Cenzon, CICM, D.D. will preside over the Eucharistic Liturgy at  Don Bosco Parish.  This celebration will mark 25 years of service that SOSCFI has given to the most vulnerable and at risk children and families in Baguio. We have been a part of this ministry since 1993 and what a privilege this has been.

I believe that we are being blessed in many ways by Jesus through these very challenging times in our Province and in our Institute.  At our recent Province Assembly we were given
many graces.  It was an assembly in which we could feel in a very tangible way the unity in our diversity. We were moved to a strong commitment to love the stranger, to reach out in love to our brother and sister immigrants and to be in solidarity with our Sisters Beatriz
and Carmen who minister in Altar, Mexico.  What graces and gifts we were given and continue to be given by our loving God.

So what do we do with these graces given?  How do we nurture them?  The
answer to these questions can only come from prayer and reflection.  So, I encourage you to take the time you need to continue the good work Jesus has begun in you.  Listen to his heart so that you may hear what it is he desires of you.

In the words of our foundress: My dearest daughters, may Jesus be with you and with gentle peace draw you to His heart and always keep you there with His divine strength. (Travels)

I take this opportunity to thank each of you for your life of prayer and  dedication to the mission of Jesus.  Have a wonderful and prayer filled celebration.

Yours in the Heart of Jesus,

Sr. Pietrina Raccuglia, MSC.

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