Mother Cabrini High School in New Orleans Helps to Fill St. Jude’s Pantry

Cabrini High School recently conducted a school-wide food drive to benefit St. Jude’s Community Center, a local organization in great need of food.  Cabrini High School community members serve at the center on a monthly basis.  “In the spirit of Mother Cabrini, we wanted to respond to our community,” said Cabrini’s Campus Minister, Adam Ganucheau. “Our students are excited to respond.”  Cabrini High School students, faculty, staff, and parents serve meals to the homeless at St. Jude’s once a month. When word came that the Center was in need of food, Cabrini High School’s Campus Ministry team organized the drive.  “With one of our service partners in need, it is only natural that Cabrini step-up to assist,” Ganucheau continued.  “We asked each grade level, faculty and staff to bring in specific foods needed as suggested by St. Jude’s. Peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, red beans, rice, spaghetti, cans of ravioli were recommended for donation. When the drive was over students, faculty,  and staff delivered the donations to St. Jude’s for use,” Ganucheau said.

Students from Cabrini High School in New Orleans with items for St. Jude Pantry


~By Caitlin Donoghue for The Missionaries Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Weekly Update September 22, 2011

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