Together on the Journey: Sr. Joaquina Costa, MSC

A Snapshot of Missionary Sister Juaquina Costa

Sr. Joaquina Costa

Missionary Sister: Sr. Joaquina Costa, MSC

Current ministry: Director of Mother Cabrini League

What attracted me to a life as a Missionary Sister: When I was young, the word “missionary” always fascinated me, so I prayed to God that one day I would have some experience [and opportunity] to work as a missionary.

Experience that convinced me that religious life was the right path for me: On my first visit to the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, I knew that God was calling me to be a “Missionary Sister of the Sacred Heart”. Since I joined the order, I am very thankful for my vocation. I do believe that is a special call from God.

Favorite prayer or scriptural quote: From the Gospel of John: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Have faith in God and faith in me.”

Favorite way to pray: For me, prayers are the first awareness that God loves us. I say that some of us are afraid to give God a chance for Him to communicate freely to us. My special time for prayer is the morning, sitting in a comfortable chair, preferably, in front of the Blessed Sacrament with Holy Scripture. To be available to listen to what God wants to communicate to me I need to be in a place of silence.

Blessings and challenges of community life: In community life there are, at times, some obstacles, but that does not make me feel as if I don’t want to live in community. I am convinced I became better person with some challenges in community life.

What I love most about being an MSC: I like that the MSCs are international culturally. That we work with the people.

Best loved ministry: Reflecting on my life, nursing was my preferable ministry but it is many years since I’m doing other ministries and I’m happy.

What I do for enjoyment – hobbies and interests: Walking.

People might be surprised to know that I… am a very big sports fan.

My advice for those who are in discernment: Pray and listen very carefully to God.

Favorite resources that I would recommend for those in discernment: Not to be afraid to say “yes”.

Contents courtesy of the Stella Maris Province Vocation Promotion Team

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